[Article] 130217 Blocked all this while, JYJ will have “Forced Appearance on KBS” due to Presidential Inauguration


Original title of article: Presidential Inauguration attendance JYJ, blocked all this while, “KBS Forced Appearance”

JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, Kim Junsu) will be attending the 18th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony on the 25th. Before this, they have been public service ambassadors for various events, and now they have ascended to the stage of the Presidential Inauguration, firmly entrenching their unique position as “public idols”.

Looking at the portal site, JYJ has 7 ambassadorships. The 2011 Honorary Ambassador of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Honorary Ambassador for 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific, and On-Line Honorary Ambassador for Ministry of Education, Science And Technology are among those on the list. Especially for UNAIDS which is under the international body of the United Nations, JYJ is the Regional Goodwill Ambassadors for Asia-Pacific; this highlights their international status and is a significant contribution.

They shuttle to and fro doing public service activities at home and abroad, but it is very hard to see their faces on public broadcast. The variety show and music type of programmes have totally excluded them. In particular, for July 2011 KBS “New Seven Wonders” Special Live Broadcast, JYJ received notice that their performance has been cancelled just 4 days before the event, and the news stirred up a storm. (T/N JYJ were honorary ambassadors for the international promotion of Jeju Island which was nominated to be voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the world. JYJ was chosen for their influence and ability to attract and raise foreign votes for the island. But for the KBS live broadcast performance, they were replaced with another group 4 days before the event.)

During this similar period, KBS was asked, “Why can’t JYJ perform on ‘Music Bank’?”, the answer was, “Because of the contractual dispute, if they appear on TV, it will involve legal problems and hinder the development of the cultural industry”, and also “Before the conclusion of the lawsuit, there will be a restrain on their broadcasting activities.”

But now, the story is different. In Nov 2012, JYJ and their former agency reached a mutual agreement and the legal dispute came to a conclusion. So JYJ’s appearance on TV programs would not involve “legal problems” any more. But still, in January, Kim Jaejoong who released a solo album that topped music and sales charts was excluded from KBS Music Bank.

In the midst of this came the news that the 18th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony will be broadcast live on KBS 1TV. “Public idols” JYJ will appear on KBS “public broadcast” on 25th Feb. Regarding this, JYJ’s agency said, “In the biggest event of the country, to be able to perform songs of the older generation of artists that they greatly respect, they are very happy. And to appear on TV after a long period of absence, it is good news for their fans.”

Source: ohmynews
and Chinese translation by krystalxiah (weibo)
English translation: melodysky@ParkYoochunSingaporeFC
Shared by Park Yoochun Singapore Fanclub + hnnsharingcorner

To read more about the cancellation of JYJ’s performance for the KBS “7 New Wonders”: here


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