[Interview] 130205 Park Yuchun. Returning with “Rooftop Prince” (from The JYJ Mag)


“Miss Ripley” was just one test; after experiencing trials, Park Yuchun set out with a new challenge in March 2012, through SBS “Rooftop Prince”, he showed his comic acting.

Having started his acting with a historical drama, Park Yuchun in “Rooftop Prince” acted as ‘Lee Gak’, the main lead who adds comic elements in a fantasy historical drama. Through Lee Gak, Park Yuchun’s true value totally shone forth. With just 3 works, he consolidated his status as an actor and also gained fame as a true and worthy lead actor. Park Yuchun did not have any greed, his only aim was to ‘enjoy doing it’, and thus only focused on the role.

“I totally let myself go. Just simply thinking about Lee Gak, and that’s why I was able to act. I did not think about how to make myself look good, just focused on Lee Gak. Instead there were scenes that were edited away because my expression was too realistic.”

At the shoot, he no longer shrunk back. If he had parts that he did not understand, he actively asked questions to seek acting solutions. “Acting in this drama, I naturally merged into the scene. In the past, I used to be anxious, now not anymore. If I didn’t know what kind of feeling is a better interpretation, I would ask without any hesitation.”

It seems that through “Rooftop Prince”, he has only now become a true actor.

The place where I understood the joy of acting

While infusing life into the character of Lee Gak, he also felt a burning passion for acting, and improvisations came often. The shoot was hard and continuous, but because he had savoured the taste of acting, he could enjoy amidst that.

“In the drama ‘The Greatest Love’, Cha Seung Won sunbae (senior) had a word, ‘overcome’ (T/N: or ‘conquer’). I think this was not in the script and I was very curious how Cha Seung Won sunbae came up with it. I merged into my character, immersed into the shoot, followed my heart, and then I could expend my acting. At that time, I felt this must be how Cha Seung Won sunbae did it. In the past, I only looked at the script; now I myself can add meaningful, interesting bits to the script, and this added to the joy of acting.

The good cooperation between actors was even more exciting. If the shoot was delayed, the co-actors and I would go and eat hot pot and have a drink. Filming with Jung Suk Won, Lee Min Ho and Choi Woo Shik, we couldn’t help but laugh. Acting with the group of 3, they would come prepared, I only needed to focus on the parts that I’m responsible for and do my best. There was very good rapport among the actors and we enjoyed ourselves during the shoot.” He recalled those times.

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