[Interview] 130205 Park Yuchun – “Miss Ripley” Met Song Yoo Hyun (The “JYJ” Mag)


Park Yuchun achieved success through “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and appeared in a traditional love drama. MBC TV drama “Miss Ripley” aired in May 2011 was his stage.

Talking about “Miss Ripley”, the first thing that Park Yuchun said was “a sense of burden”. Not sure exactly when but this sense of burden grew bigger and bigger due to pressure and anxiety.

Because this is the second work after the announcement of the birth of a new actor with “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, Park Yuchun continuously dwelled on “the obsession of must do well” and “breaking through (self) limits”.

In addition, to merge himself into the role of the perfect man Song Yoo Hyun in whom no flaws can be found, he felt difficulties.

“Foreign language, sports, piano, etc all have to be displayed perfectly, that sense of burden was very big. The imperfect me, having to act as the perfect man, it was naturally followed by difficulties. Because of the doubt ‘Can I show the perfect Song Yoo Hyun that the scriptwriter has in mind?’, at the beginning I was very troubled by the embodiment of this character.

Abandoned the sense of burden, throwing in passion again

Heavy rainstorms causing the shoot to be delayed and other external factors also caused Yuchun to feel strained. It was also generated by his own self-expectations.

“Due to the success of the first work, there was an excessive desire to do even better, causing myself to be oppressed. Although I am saying it now, I cannot understand why I had to carry such a heavy rock at that time.”
Plus the fact that there were many senior actors, it was possible that he was already disheartened at the start.

In addition, there were many times that environmental factors at the scene broke the emotional balance. So not because of long hours of filming or tiring overnight shoots, but it was a work that was full of expectations but it kept getting broken, that kind of sadness was worse.

But as an actor, working with veteran actors, he gained many new realisations.

“To be able to work with senior Jang Yong (as Yoo Hyun’s father) and senior Choi Myung Gil (as Yoo Hyun’s step-mother), I was very happy. At the start, I was a bit afraid. But the reality was completely different. From that time on, I got the feeling that now I am really acting. After the shoot was finished, I even suggested to my teachers (T/N referring to the veteran actors) to have a meal together, I was very grateful to them,” he relayed his gratitude.

Strength from the fans was also great.
“It was different from “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, probably because “Miss Ripley” is a serious drama, the immediate response was less. But each time an episode was over, fans would upload their thoughts and feelings with much sincerity, giving me support.” He did not forget his gratitude to his fans.

What “Miss Ripley” left behind

Through “Miss Ripley”, Park Yuchun showed a more matured side of himself as an actor. “Although there was a lot of screen time, it seems I was not able to convey completely the story of Yoo Hyun’s heart. It looked like he was a person that was being moved along, but actually he is a proactive character. During role analysis, even when succeeding his father’s business, he is a proactive person. Therefore, when the lies of the woman he loves are exposed, it’s clear that he should have been more proactive to solve it.” He told us his own explanation of the role.

For the scene that left the strongest impression, he chose the scene where Yoo Hyun told Miri he already knew all the lies much earlier and was only pretending not to know. He said, “At that time, the long script of 7 or 8 pages was especially easy to memorise. Seems like it was also a very satisfying scene for viewers, probably because it resolved a lot of uncertainties.”

Through this drama, Park Yuchun also developed the ability to grasp the main points of the scene.

“Now when I receive the script, the main points will leap out at me. That kind of scene needs practice or confirmation beforehand etc, I will think through it properly; and I also know how to adjust my feelings in advance.

Another big topic of discussion that Miss Ripley left behind is that Park Yuchun sang the drama OST “The Empty Space For You”. When it was released at that time, it swept all the OST charts and became the most loved OST in Asia. “This song, Junsu also likes very much. Both the lyrics and the melody, (we) like very much.” (T/N There is no subject here, so from the context, “we” is assumed.)

Although there were lots of times he felt troubled from the time he decided to act in it and the preparation, now looking back, Park Yuchun wants to remember them all as good memories, and he will not forget the lessons learned on the difficult journey, once again flashing his bright, cheerful smile.

Source: 暖日呀呀@weibo.com
Translation: melodysky@ParkYoochunSingaporeFanclub
Shared by Park Yoochun Singapore Fanclub + HNN


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