[Interview] 130204 Park Yuchun – Actor’s Dream Attained at Sungkyunkwan (“The JYJ” Mag)

Park Yuchun the Actor slowly took shape because of the August 2010 drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, although fans may have preferred a romantic type of drama that can display Park Yuchun’s tall figure and handsome face.

But Park Yuchun’s first choice was a historical drama. It is not an exaggeration to say that the surrounding sounds of anxiety were overwhelming.

“To have a historical drama as my first work as an actor, even I myself felt it’s overconfident and conceited. Heard many “Can it really be done” voices, so I also considered, “Is it necessary that I must use a historical drama as a start?” After talking with Chang Joo hyung, with ‘first work, whether it is a historical drama or modern drama, as long as it is a good piece of work, it will be fine’, I found my self-confidence.”

Doing things my way but with all my passion

Slowly walking out, to be correct, what most needs to be done is to prepare for . But it is not easy like adjusting a state of mind. Spent a lot of effort practising the voice and intonation unique to historical dramas. And to analyse the role, did thorough self-conducted acting preparation. Recording practices into ipod, listening to it and then using other intonations to act, poured in a lot of hard work.

Every person has his own way of analysing things. The director and the people around have many this kind and that kind of requests towards the acting of the role of Lee Sun Joon. In the end, I abandoned the opinions of others and acted the way that I wanted. When I first started practising, the tone of my voice was too high, later I gradually adjusted it down. I think, at that time, allowing me to act the way I wanted to act was more helpful to me. It is me who is acting; if I did it according to how other people wanted me to act, in the end it would not be mine. This is not the same as accepting help for the inner heart, and is a different problem.

In this way, I shaped this character, Lee Sun Joon.

Through this work, I also filmed my first kiss scene. The scene with actress Park Min Young where our lips gently touched, although a portion of viewers requested for it to be like the original work, with a more intense kiss scene, I analysed that this is already the limit that Lee Sun Joon can show. I also joked that actually Park Yuchun is just like the fans, hoping for a kiss scene that is the same as the original work.

Shooting a kiss scene is similar to a normal shoot. Although there are a lot of crew watching, during the shoot, you will not care about them looking, and you are also not nervous. Before shooting the kiss scene, smelled mint from the other person’s mouth, “Ah! brushed teeth ah ” this degree of feeling? (laughs).
Naturally finished the kiss scene shoot and fortunately not many NGs.

Becoming an actor that acts well and works hard!

Although he did not formally attend acting lessons, the Park Yuchun that grew with each episode of the TV series candidly tore off the “singer-born” label that caused the initial surrounding concerns and worries.

“I’m probably born with it? (laughs) Just joking. I learned acting from my co-actor, senior Kim Ha Kyoon; in 3 weeks, 4 times a week, learned all that is needed for a historical drama. How to differentiate the pronunciation of homonyms “horse” and “words”, how to stand in front of the camera, he taught me many skills in the technical aspect. No other training for vocalisation. This kind of help was very useful, but maybe the experiences I have from starting to work at a young age also became a big help in acting. Using one of those in my acting, my confidence was naturally built up.”

Just as they say ‘Praise can make a whale dance’, the surrounding words of warmth and his own sense of confidence combined to make a successful piece of work. Park Min Young, Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In and other co-actors in the drama were also a great help.
“Other than working with my group members, this is first time on stage with my peers. To have that camaraderie with Park Min Young, Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In, it was very fulfilling” he reminisced.

Consequently, at the end of that year, he received the best present– KBS Best Newcomer Acting Award. Although in the past he has swept many awards in the name of a group, the significance of receiving the Best Newcomer Award as an actor is very special.

“I really did not expect it. When my name was called, I was very surprised and very happy, and also thankful. The faces of my parents and the people that worked so hard together all floated to mind. Furthermore, we could perform in the name of JYJ at that awards ceremony, I was very happy. After the ceremony ended, we all went to eat barbecue beef intestines, really the last night of December that I can never ever forget.”

Source: 暖日呀呀@weibo.com
Translation: Vienna+melodysky@ParkYoochunSingaporeFanclub
Shared by Park Yoochun Singapore Fanclub + HNN


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