[ARTICLE] 130203 Yoochun Interview in JYJ Magazine


About swimming

My manager graduated from the Marine Corps and the guards basically swim very well. Instead of saying I’m good at swimming, it’s more that I like water. Actually there is nothing much to do in the hotel, I mostly listen to music, do some writing or sleep. During this recent tour, I was addicted to swimming because every hotel had a swimming pool. First time I grasped the butterfly style and also paid attention to backstroke and freestyle. It was very enjoyable and the stress instantly disappeared.


About family

I want to get married by 35. Age gap doesn’t really matter but if she’s much older or much younger, it could be a bit awkward. When we are together, if we look well-matched, good, pleasing to others, that would be fine. After my father passed away, my mother seems to be worried, afraid that she will leave this world before she can see me live the ordinary happiness of a normal person. I need to quickly let her see me live a happy life.

The family that Yuchun describes is nothing special. “On the way home after work, stopping to buy a box of oranges, returning to a home where there is a wife waiting for me, on rest days going out to eat with the family, enjoying this kind of ordinary daily life, how nice that would be!”

Yuchun talked about his future family with a happy expression on his face. He wants to have a daughter but he will show the side of a strict father. He said, “I will allow my daughter to go on dates, but I will stick around. I will spy on them to see if they go to a hotel. (laughs) With regards to sex education, I will leave it to my wife.” Even to the extent where he talked about his future son-in-law and daughter-in-law.


About drinking

Park Yuchun also loves to drink and chat with the people around him. Besides his group members, their managers are his “talking partners” most of the time.

“Although I will not pour out all my inner feelings, but when I am feeling troubled (or frustrated), I will go drinking, and tell my manager the things that I can’t tell my family. He’s younger than me, but to the extent that we have cried to each other before, he’s a friend that I can depend on.”

With actor Lee Tae Sung who previously acted with him in “Rooftop Prince”, a friendship was also gained. “A very talented and kind sunbae (senior), who is also a friend. Compared with others, he is a handsome sunbae who knows how to bring happiness to other people,” Yuchun described Lee Tae Sung.

Although Yuchun is well-known for his love for drinking and also for being a good drinker, his own philosophy is “Never drink until you’re drunk”. Because he hates the feeling of the ceiling spinning when he lies down to sleep when drunk. So he tries not to drink to that extent. He also revealed that, in truth, he has ever fallen asleep hugging the toilet bowl. No need to hide nor exaggerate , this is 27 year-old Park Yuchun.


The heart that my fans have for me, of course I know and I am always very thankful. But sometimes I wish a slightly bigger heart could be used to consider many circumstances. The fans are the reason for my activities. I am very clear about the amount of love I have received; to the extent that even if I work really hard, it’s not enough to repay them. Whenever I think of my fans, I feel very moved, very touched.

Park Yuchun talked about his plan for future fan meetings. “If there is a chance, it would be nice to go on a train trip with fans. I also want to do outer space travel with fans. Will there be fans on the moon as well? It would be good if there were,” voicing out his offbeat imagination and wish.

Source: @暖日呀呀 (weibo)
Translation: Vienna+melodysky@ParkYoochunSingaporeFanclub
Shared by ParkYoochun Singapore FC +HNN


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