[NEWS] 130123 Park Yuchun, ‘New Emperor of Dramas’ all over Asia to Europe


Original title: Park Yuchun with his drama hits from all over Asia to Europe ~ ‘New Emperor of the Drama’

Park Yuchun’s dramas have been getting explosive popularity day after day.

‘Rooftop Prince’ was voted as no. 1 by fans in Europe at the 2012 So-Loved Award, which was managed by overseas Korean Cultural Centers and selected as the most loved Korean drams by Europe fans according to C-Jes Entertainment on the 23th of Jan.

At Remarkable Awards 2012 in Germany, Park Yuchun who played the lead role Lee Gak in ‘Rooftop Prince’ was voted as no. 1 and proved his global popularity over Asia.

Park Yuchun’s drama hit in Asia already became the norm. ‘Rooftop Prince’, the drama ended last year surpassed more than 150 million no. of replay only at Youku, a large video sharing site in China and has over 700 million no. of reply, adding up those at other 7 major video sharing sites.

‘I Miss You’ ended at the 17th of Jan reached 100 million no. of replay at PPTV, the largest video sharing site in China and also easily surpassed 100 million at Sohu TV, the internet broadcasting service of a Chinese portal site, Sohu.com.

In Taiwan, last year, a special program for Park Yuchun was shown to commemorate the achievement of new record by ‘Rooftop Prince’ for the highest viewing rate among Korean dramas broadcasted for the past 2 years in Taiwan. Recently, ‘Rooftop Prince’ registered as the no. 1 most-watched afternoon TV series in Philippines.

Moreover, in 2012, two dramas of ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘I Miss You,’ ranks no. 3 and 4 in the accumulated download index chart of Korean dramas ever introduced in three places including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Such record has proved that Park Yuchun is the emperor of the drama in Asia.

Meanwhile, in Japan, ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal,’ ‘Rooftop Prince,’ ‘I Miss You,’ the dramas in which Park Yuchun took the leading role will have an extended schedule to be broadcasted during the first half of this year.

Credit: Nate

Translated by: Uttunfan

Shared by: 6002Sky+ParkYoochunSGFC+Huongnn


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