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[Article] 130217 Blocked all this while, JYJ will have “Forced Appearance on KBS” due to Presidential Inauguration


Original title of article: Presidential Inauguration attendance JYJ, blocked all this while, “KBS Forced Appearance”

JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, Kim Junsu) will be attending the 18th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony on the 25th. Before this, they have been public service ambassadors for various events, and now they have ascended to the stage of the Presidential Inauguration, firmly entrenching their unique position as “public idols”.

Looking at the portal site, JYJ has 7 ambassadorships. The 2011 Honorary Ambassador of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Honorary Ambassador for 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific, and On-Line Honorary Ambassador for Ministry of Education, Science And Technology are among those on the list. Especially for UNAIDS which is under the international body of the United Nations, JYJ is the Regional Goodwill Ambassadors for Asia-Pacific; this highlights their international status and is a significant contribution.

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[NEWS] 130211 Japanese actor praised Yuchun’s acting in his column in ‘Korean TV Drama Perfect Guide’ magazine


Japanese theatre actor, Yagyu Keisuke (柳生啓介), praised Yuchun in his first special column ‘Actor’s Eye’ in the Japanese magazine ‘Korean TV Drama Perfect Guide’.


Yagyu Keisuke, ‘Actor’s Eye’:Park Yuchun First column: Yuchun’s backpack

“Yagyu-san, that backpack ~ it’s cool!” are words that I recently heard from friends. This backpack that I like to show off, is actually the same as the one Yuchun-san carried in ‘Rooftop Prince’.

A late self-introduction. Everyone, nice to meet you, I’m Yagyu Keisuke, an actor from the drama company, ‘Zenshinza’(劇団前進座). As an actor, to learn from others, I started watching Korean dramas and it has been 10 years without me realising it. The dramas’ higher meaning, ideals, being moved, the sincere attitude of actors towards their roles, their passion and sacrifice towards acting give me an enormous amount of strength. As an actor, that is the goal that I’m aiming for.

This is of course not enough, but I am an actor like them, and using my point of view,this column observes the appeal of Korean drama actors. For the first article, it is an extremely outstanding actor that has the most of my attention right now — Park Yuchun-san.

The first time I saw actor Park Yuchun was in ‘Miss Ripley’. Although, frankly, I didn’t know much about him except that he was formerly a member of TVXQ and debuted (as an actor) not long ago, but I was stunned by his excellent acting.

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[NEWS] 130211 Park Yuchun mentionned in the book 나는 다만 조금 느릴뿐이다 (“I’m only just slow”) by Kang Se Hyung

[Note: She is the same author Kim Jaejoong recommended people to read in the Samsung Book Campaign JYJ took part in 2011. His recommended book was 나는 아직 어른이 되려면 멀었다 (“I still have a long way to go before I become an adult”).]
I'm only just slow
“Music gift arrived! Please check it on your My Page gift box.”
A sunbae unnie in her middle thirties fell hard, hard for an idol turned actor. When we met up, she even only talked about this child. She told me to get up evenually when it became 9:30 PM. The reason was for tuning in live to the drama this child was starring in.
Then a few days later, she sent me a music gift.

“This is the drama OST my Yuchunnie sings, please have a listen for me. You see, I can only get it once with my ID. And (to say) I have to make it rank higher in the top.”

That’s why she was spreading music gifts to all her acquaintances.

“I would like not to go to work and ‘spazz’ only on my Yuchunnie all day long. You see, I’m a newbie so there are still so many videos I haven’t watched yet. I don’t even remember what I did whenever I came home from work when I used to be a ‘muggle’.”

What’s a newbie? And what’s a muggle? Spazz? Spazz what?

Credit: 나는 다만 조금 느릴뿐이다

Captured by: bluestarjjee

Translated by: Sheena

Shared by: 6002Sky + Hnnsharingcorner

[LYRICS] Found You (찾았다) Sungkyunkwan Scandal (성균관 스캔들) OST lyrics + translation


솔직히 처음엔 몰랐어
우연한 만남 있었지만
이제껏 난 기쁨보단
아픔을 더 많이 배웠어

눈물이 많았던 나지만
너에겐 웃음만 줄거야
이제서야 내 반쪽을 찾았나 봐
이렇게 가슴이 뛰고 있잖아

찾았다 내 사랑 내가 찾던 사람
뜨겁게 안아주고 싶어
가만히 눈을 감아 줄래
내가 입 맞춰줄 수 있게
사랑해 널 사랑해
찾았다 내 곁에 둘 한 사람

마음을 닫았던 나지만
너에겐 내 마음 줄거야
이제서야 내 반쪽을 찾았나 봐
이렇게 가슴이 뛰고 있잖아

찾았다 내 사랑 내가 찾던 사람
뜨겁게 안아주고 싶어
가만히 눈을 감아 줄래
내가 입 맞춰줄 수 있게
사랑해 널 사랑해
찾았다 내 곁에 둘 한 사람

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[Rom || Eng Lyrics] XIA (Junsu) – I Don’t Like Love (사랑이 싫다구요) (Rooftop Prince OST)


heong keureojin nae meori cheoreom
nae maeum sokdo jeomjeom eongmangi dwaegajyo
yojeumeun jeongmal saneunge saneunge aniya
geunyang niga bogo sipeo

kkajit sarang neoran yeojaga mwoga
geuri johatgo himdeunji moreugesseo
nune tto balbhineun seulpeun chueogeul
jam mot irul i bam tto eotteokhae

dan hana gatgo sipeun sarang
tto beorigo sipeun geu sarang
gajil sudo u~ u~ beoril sudo
eobtneun sarangi silhdaguyo

neoman bomyeon nawatdeon useum
itgawa du nun pyojeong gieogi an najyo
geoureul bomyeon waenji natseon
saram han myeongi ige naran marieyo

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[LYRICS][Rom || Eng Lyrics] Lee Jong Hyun – My Love (내 사랑아) (A Gentleman’s Dignity OST)


chang bakke biga naerimyeon gamchwodun
gieogi nae mameul jeogsigo
ijeun jul aratdeon saram ohiryeo
seonmyeonki tto dasi tteoolla

nae saranga saranga geuriun
naui saranga mognoha bulleo bojiman
deudjido motaneun sarang
nae saranga saranga bogopeun
naui saranga geudae ireum maneurodo bein deut
apeun saranga nae saranga

changgae eodumi omyeon sumgyeo
non chueogi nae mameul balghine

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[LYRICS][hangul+romanization] Park Yoochun (박유천) – The Empty Space For You (너를 위한 빈자리)

M MR 1

Artist :: Park Yoochun (박유천)
Title Album :: Miss Ripley (미스리플리) OST Part 3
Format :: Single, Studio
Title Track :: The Empty Space For You (너를 위한 빈자리)
Genre :: Drama OST
Release Date :: June 21, 2011
Label | Distribution :: Curtain Call Media | KT Music

Hangul and simple romanization

사랑이 아니었음 좋겠어
sarangi aniosseum jokesso
자꾸 다가오는 이별은
jakku dagaoneun ibyoreun
너무 아프잖아
nomu apeujana
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